Great Tale of Savannah by Night - Real People on Real Streets

This book weaves together several story lines for interesting characters from different social strata in Savannah's intriguing downtown. I enjoyed how their lives intersected and how important they became to one another even though the intersections seemed casual and tangential at first. I liked the way the characters' best selves emerged after some traumatic events that could have had tragic outcomes. And how in the end their casual encounters formed the basis for making big differences in the directions their lives would head. You never know who can save the day.

    —Ben Goggins, Columnist, Savannah Morning News


Susan Earl delivers a memorable ensemble piece set against the beautiful city of Savannah, GA. Her characters are woven into a lush and tightly-woven tapestry of rich and poor, young and old, love and loss. In the Dark offers authentic settings and realistic situations where secrets abound and hearts are mended. Highly recommended.

    —Kimberly Evans, Author of “The Bell, Unrung”


In The Dark is set in Savannah and is Susan Earl's first novel. Because she incorporates many local landmarks, streets and businesses, those of us who live or have lived in Savannah can visualize exactly where the action takes place. The story revolves around six main characters, most of whose lives intersect with both good and not so good results. Most are young and are struggling to find themselves or to accept situations that aren't perfect. Susan does an excellent job of exploring their pitfalls and challenges. I enjoyed and recommend it.

    —Cynthia Heitger